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On my own journey into motherhood, I came across moms who were actually choosing to consume their placenta after the birth of their babies. Though I was a bit surprised by the idea at first, I was also intrigued to learn more of this practice of placentaphagia. After seeing the benefits firsthand and learning through research, I was amazed!  I then decided to broaden my field of doula work and make the service of placenta encapsulation available in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. 
I offer the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method of encapsulation. The TCM Method has been used for centuries and involves lightly steaming the placenta with herbs prior to dehydration. Once dehydrated, I encapsulate using vegetable capsules and bottle your pills in a glass bottle that should be stored in the fridge while taking during your postpartum period. Leftover pills should then be stored in the back of the freezer until needed again. (They are great for PMS and menopause).  Additionally, pills may be saved for use in potentially life-saving herbal formulas prepared by trained Chinese Herbalists if needed in the future.  Chinese Herbalists recognize the very potent placenta as a key ingredient in herbal formulas for adult patients and their children with certain types of chronic fatigue, cancer and rehabilitation post treatment, asthma, renal failure, heart disease, or basically anything life threatening.    
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust with your precious placenta and make available to you the miraculous benefits it has to offer. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Contact Information:
Taylor Ayers
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Birth Doula
Phone: 210-209-2390
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